Interim Management

You experienced it yourself: Nothing is as constant as Change. Suddenly, you are missing a director of a subsidiary, or an IT manager, or you can win a major technology project for which you may not have the appropriate project manager.

Hereby we can assist you with the following services:

Interim Management

  • Bridging of personnel replacement gaps; at executive, business unit or department level.
  • Management and realisation of restructuring projects
  • Leadership of large and/or international technology projects
  • Turnaround of large national and international projects, or small to medium businesses.
  • Management and realisation of acquisition- and divestment projects

Consulting / Expertise

  • Consulting and coaching of project organisations, executives and boards of directors, in:
  • Processes,
  • Contract and customer management
  • Project reviews and risk analysis
  • Mediation, with neutral expertise, between project or business partners